Tre-flip on a keyboard!

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    I have had a recurring dream growing up in this dream my grandparents home is sold and the new neighbors are moving in I go to the street in front of my house to try to see who is moving in (by the way my grandparents were both still alive at this point and lived at the end of my street) as I get to the end of my lawn I catch the sent of a girl who at the very same moment catches my sent and we are both transformed into wolves I run down the street and we meet her family takes us inside and we run into a room and lay with eachother they get my parents and explain what happened and I go home with my parents go to sleep and turn back to a human in my sleep the next day in the dream I go to visit as a human and she is at the top of the stairs in a native American wedding dress I look down and my clothes have changed to match hers I walk up the stairs meet her and kiss and that’s when I wake up any thoughts


    Please order the comments in this page in decrescent time (with the newest on top)!

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