Usain Bolt failed to complete the 4x100m relay final. However, let’s take a look back at his llustrious career.

  • Usain Bolt is the only athlete to have completed an unprecedented "triple-double" at the Olympic games. Having won both 100m and 200m events consecutively at the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008), London (2012), Rio de Janeiro (2016).

  • Usain Bolt holds the World and Olympic Records at the 100m and 200m events along with the 4x100m event as a part of the Jamaican team.
    •Over the course of his career, Bolt set 7 World Records. 3 times in the 100m, and twice each in the 200m and 4x100m relay.

  • Usain Bolt is the most decorated male track and field athlete of all time. At major tournaments (Summer Olympics and World Athletics Championships), he has won 19 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals and a Bronze. 23 medals in all.

  • Usain Bolt ranks joint 10th, along with Ray Ewry (USA) on the list of Summer Olympians with the most Gold medals. Coincidentally, they are the only men ranked above 20th on the list to have a 100% record at the Olympic Games.
    •Bolt ranks 52 on the all-time list of most decorated Olympians (including both Summer and Winter Olympics).

  • In the 26 races he has competed in at major tournaments (from Athens 2004 to London 2017), Bolt has come out victorious on 19 occasions. A win rate of 73%.
    •This does not include the rescinded 4x100m Relay Gold Medal at Beijing 2008.

  • Usain Bolt has not lost a 200m event at a Major Tournament in nearly 10 years. His last defeat came at the hands of Tyson Gay in Osaka 2007. Since then, he has won 3 consecutive Olympic and 4 World Athletics Championship Gold medals while setting 2 World Records in the process.

  • In the 100m event, Usain Bolt is number one on a list of only 5 men to have ran sub-9.80s times more than once – he has done it a remarkable 12 times, 3 of which have been World Records.
    He also has the 3 fastest times in history: 9.58s, 9.63s and 9.69s (joint 3rd with Yohan Blake and Tyson Gay).

  • Bolt is the only man to have ever ran under 9.60s in the 100m and under 19.20s in the 200m.
    As part of the Jamaican 4x100m relay team, the World Record time of 36.84s set in London 2012 marked the first time a sub-37s time has been ran in the event.

  • Putting into perspective Bolt's incredible speed and remarkable performances, his record-breaking victories in 2009 and 2012 against legendary and talented competitors have been lauded as some of the best races of all time.
    •In the 200m event in Berlin 2009, Bolt broke his own World Record with a new mark of 19.19s. In the race, the top 5 men ran times of under 20s, which included a World Record, and Area Record, a personal best and 2 season's best performances.
    •For the 100m final in Berlin 2009, Bolt also set a new World Record of 9.58s. In comparison, second-placed Tyson Gay ran a time of 9.71s, which was at the time a National Record and the 3rd fastest time in history (now 4th). 4 of the other competitors in that final had run season's best times and the first 5 finishers ran times of under 10s.
    •The 100m final in London 2012 was even more spectacular. Bolt failed to match his World Record and could only win Gold with a new Olympic Record of 9.63s. However, this marked the first time in history that 7 of the 8 competitors had run sub 10s times and had Asafa Powell not been injured roughly 50m into race, all 8 men would have in all likelihood finished under 10s.
    The 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed runners had all run personal best times and it was also the first time in history the top 3 had run under 9.80s.
    This race included the 5 fastest men in history (Bolt, Gay, Blake, Powell and Gatlin). 2nd-placed Blake finished with a time of 9.75s and which remains the fastest 100m time in Olympic history to not win Gold.
    In any previous Olympic final, each of the 2nd to 5th placed finishers would have won at least a silver medal with their times. And with the exception of last-placed Powell, every single finish from 1st to 7th currently hold the record for the best times in their respective positions in Olympic history.

  • The London 2017 tournament marks the first time Bolt has failed to achieve at least a Silver medal at a major tournament for over 10 years. The last time this happened was in Helsinki 2005.

Farewell to a legend.

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