/r/NotTheOnion’s Best Of 2017 Awards


Greetings, /r/NotTheOnion!

Reddit has begun its annual "Best Of" Awards.

Our Best of 2017 Categories:

  • Local News and Crime ("Area Man")

  • World News

  • Politics and Elections

  • Business and Financial

  • Entertainment and Culture

  • Science and Technology

  • Sports, Leisure, Travel

  • New! Our Dumb Year (Misc Oniony Dumbassery)

How voting will work:

This thread will be set to contest mode. This means that all comments will be sorted randomly and no scores will be displayed. There will be 8 categories posted below.

Please reply to the top level comment under the category with appropriate links for your nomination. Submissions can only be nominated once per category, so if you see the one you wanted to add, just upvote it. This is how you vote in each category. If you don't feel like looking for a favorite submission, you can just vote on the categories that users have already picked below. At the end, we will check all the vote numbers to determine the winner in each category.

Please do not link to the article you would like to nominate, link to the Reddit comments page for that article (so your link should be to reddit.com, not any other website).

Nomination rules

  • Submissions can only be nominated in an appropriate category. We will remove nominations that are submitted in an inappropriate category that doesn't fit the theme of the submission.

  • You can only nominate submissions made in 2017.

  • You can nominate anyone you feel deserves it.

  • You can't nominate yourself.

  • To nominate, your account must have been created before December 24, 2017.

  • You can only nominate one submission per category.

  • The user you nominated must have an active account (post anywhere on reddit in the last two weeks).

  • Voting will last through January 13.

Finding top posts:

Unfortunately, Reddit disabled search-by-timestamp, so our handy "top of the month" links from earlier years won't work.

You can see the top posts of the year by going to /r/NotTheOnion/top and filtering by only this year:

Some very oniony posts did slip through the cracks and not make the front page, thanks to bad timing or too limited an audience. We encourage submitting those too, which may be easier to find by perusing your upvoted posts or your comments here.

You might find some underrated greatness in /controversial


We have been given Reddit Gold creddits courtesy of the Reddit admins. The top two winners of each category will receive a month of Reddit Gold.

Winners will also receive special user flair in /r/NotTheOnion for a limited time, and the winning submissions will receive a special link flair: i.imgur.com/l5Rg6NO.png

However, if a user is a winner of more than one category, they will only receive one month of Reddit Gold, and the next place winner will receive a creddit instead. This is because we'd like to make sure that as many users as possible get a chance at Reddit Gold.

The mods may choose winners for some special categories that will be announced at a later time.

Good luck, everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to message the moderators using the link in the sidebar.

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