YouTube removes Logan Paul from top-tier Google ad platform, YouTube Red projects on hold

  1. ripple price

    YouTube must surely understand the elevated risk of this recurring with their stable of talent: mostly young, untrained new-age media personalities who rocket to fame and fortune off the back of being as provocative and “Jackass-y” as possible.

    The same thing happens in professional sports and entertainment: young kids who are suddenly paid massive bucks, are treated like rockstars, and get drunk on the fame. You can expect more than a few will let this go to their heads, and in their relative inexperience and immaturity, wind up dropping a joke about genocide or filming a dead body.

    Paul won’t be the last to do this. Hell, I’d be surprised if we make it to the end of the month before another YouTube star engulfs themselves in controversy,

    But again, YouTube must surely be aware of the ephemeral nature of these kids’ success: burn them hard and bright, make as much money out of them while you can, because they won’t burn for long.

  2. Kaylana

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